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Torleif Lie


Trykket på ekslusivt Fujiflex Crystal Archive

Ferdig innrammet sort pianolakk ramme 148 x 100 cm

Aluminium bakplate og kunstglass


Artist comments:

"The univers and all within it, inanimate or as life forms, is implacably subject to laws of physisics, namely the time continuum and the resulting cycle of life which can be measured in millenniums or nanoseconds. Nothing is permanent, matter and energy are in constant flux, our sun is half empty and in a short 5 billion years our solar system will recycle into something new.


The cycle of life is the one crucial pondering for humans, classified as "mortals" relative to infinte lives and transmutations of the gods and goddesses necessary to make sense of terrible affliction of life and death. Religion, philosophy, lysergic acid diethylamide, mystics, stoic foretellers, and cryogenic preservation have all provided a myriad of answers with varying degrees of surprising and at times unsavory methods. The paramount question remains and it may well be that it is too much of a question to ask. 


The godess is the perfecr emissary to the gods who have all the answers, and as the mother goddess with aptitudes including birth, fertility, the cycle of seasons, sexuality, water and solid connections as the mother of many gods. Perhaps, when a pandemic rages the earth, as they have times past we can find consolation in the enduring goddess who reminds us of the beauty of birth, and the resurrection that follows death. She has many names, mother goddess seems most appropriate."




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Kunstverket formidles på vegne av kunstneren Torleif Lie



Torleif Lie er en meget høyt prisbelønt fotograf verden over.

"As an artist I am Compelled to create images that provoke an experiential reaction from the viewers, but also to reveal the fragility and grandiose nature of landscapes; I aim to capture a mixture of the sublime together with the fragility of the environment at the hands of thehuman exploitation.

My work is celebratory by design and creates an intimate storyline with the underlying message that beauty can only be comprehended with the contrast of decay or destruction. I aim to pose questions, to reveal both beauty and loss

Torleif Lie - Birth, Death and Resurrection

kr 29 616,00Pris