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Einar Sandvold (born 1994) lives and works in Oslo. He is educated at Einar Granum art school 2017-19. Sandvold had solo exhibitions in Galleri Hervold Stavanger in 2023 and Galleri Briskeby, Oslo, in 2021 and 2022. He has participated in several group exhibitions nationally and internationally in galleries such as Galleri Golsa (Oslo), Gallery Van der plass (New York), Privat7 X Art collective (Copenhagen) , Art-Nordic Art fair (Copenhagen) to name a few.
Sandvold's inspiration comes from the meeting between architecture and nature. In this encounter, he creates his form of expression, a place where he can live into a new world, where he can grow and explore a parallel reality of what already exists. It is a vanity, a mania and a train of thought that never ends, he cannot stop this creative faucet. These building blocks run around in his mind and must be placed, they must be constructed, and they must come to life. Working in this way always makes him feel inspired. It becomes like a dream where you can turn everything around, where you can play and explore yourself to a new form of existence, an escape from reality that is only yours.
The painting's composition is shaped by geometry and the organic. For Sandvold, this creates a balanced, controlled and moving landscape, where he can feel welcome and like himself
can constantly explore in new directions. Perfectionism, both as an idea and an ideal, is something that often characterizes his artistic process. This is particularly evident in many of his paintings where he works with spotless, striking surfaces and balanced colours. In contrast to his approach linked to perfection, he has periods where he chooses to work less controlled and with freer movements. By making such aesthetic breaks with himself, his paintings take a more expressive turn, which opens up for further exploration and experimentation.
Sandvold's wish is to invite the viewer into his artistic constructions, where you have the opportunity to explore a new world on your own terms.
His artistic direction is abstract, controlled, experimental and personal.

Einar Sandvold
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