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Torleif Lie


Trykket på ekslusivt 310 gsm bomullspapir

Ferdig innrammet sort pianolakk ramme 124 x 97 cm

Sort ramme og kunstglass

Kan bestilles uten ramme kr. 19.000,-


Artist Comments:


"Valhalla Rising" exemplifies our human desire to find grounding and purpose by assining an iconic status to scenes imbued with the sublime, perhaps as idols to our self-awareness.


This expertly crafted photographof a unique moment in time and space allows us to reflect on the symbolic nature of light, as the essence of life, and shadows that reminds us of our details in the image, slowly revealing the essence of this eminence and its grandiose nature, it becomes easier to understand the emotions and aspirations we carry onto its imposing presence. "Valhalla Rising" is hope and resilience, amazement at our self-awarness, or a metaphysical question mark for some, and a form of worship to our human capabilities. IT may also serve to document the new era of the anthropocene, one that reminds us of our human responsibilities. Ulitmately, the beauty of the image is also a reminder that the resilience of both the invasive human speices and Preikestolen are now forever linked".


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Kunstverket formidles på vegne av kunstneren Torleif Lie



Torleif Lie er en meget høyt prisbelønt fotograf verden over.

"As an artist I am Compelled to create images that provoke an experiential reaction from the viewers, but also to reveal the fragility and grandiose nature of landscapes; I aim to capture a mixture of the sublime together with the fragility of the environment at the hands of thehuman exploitation.

My work is celebratory by design and creates an intimate storyline with the underlying message that beauty can only be comprehended with the contrast of decay or destruction. I aim to pose questions, to reveal both beauty and loss

Torleif Lie - Valhalla Rising

kr 25 000,00Pris
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